What To Expect During Hong Kong Travel

Hong Kong is a must-visit tourist destination and a recognized business hub in the world. It’s a blend of Eastern and Western culture with intricate architectural wonders, modern marvels against traditional experience, and friendly gardens.

Traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic has made air travel challenging. However as the vaccine is availed to more and more people, airlines are slowly making a comeback.  Travelers from high-risk regions are required to produce a set of documents before they can be allowed in Hong Kong.

All passengers should be aware of the security health checks through the airports and while in the cabin. If you intend to visit Hong Kong, you’ll find this primer helpful in keeping you safe for several months to come. After all, the new normal will be here for longer than anyone knows.

  1. Wearing your mask appropriately

You’ll need to have your mask on every time you’re in the public. Even if you’ve been vaccinated and have the relevant documents to verify your status, you cannot walk without your mask. If you’re traveling age two and above, they are expected to have their masks on. You can shop for well-fitting baby masks that are cartoon-themed.

This health security requirement applies at checkpoints, inside the airport, domestic airlines, and international carriers.

You may need to call your preferred airline, the type of masks they prefer. Confirm if they allow the kind with exhalation valves or opening in the coverage area.  However, anything made from lace and mesh fabric is a no-no. You may also visit their website and see the prerequisite for traveling with them.

  1. Sanitizing Products

Every airline has invested in deep cleaning services, before, during, and after flights. Cathay Pacific is no different. This is one of the most significant Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure to expect.

Apart from the airline’s routine deep cleaning procedure, all passengers are given disinfecting wipes as they board the plane so they can their space. This is an added security measure and also reassures the passengers. Remember to carry your own products too because you can never sanitize enough times as it is.

To ensure your security airlines have to clean, disinfect and sanitize. The staff is also required to maintain social distance, wear safety gear such as masks and face shields.

  1. Empty seat in between

The hygiene physical distancing remains a requirement in most airlines. Expect to find the middle seat blocked to safeguard passengers. The new strain of coronavirus has made airlines to be more vigilant about distancing.

You can call your preferred airline to confirm their physical distancing requirement and decide if you’re comfortable with it.

 If you find it too crowded for your comfort, you can request switching to an emptier airline. Another option available for passengers is to purchase a cabin seat at a premium price. This option allows more room for stretching and a lot more space.

At the airport, there may be fewer seating areas. You may choose to use a day pass to the airport lounge. Many of these areas limit capacity and enforce physical distancing measures.

Ask your airline if they allow passengers to buy adjacent seats for distance sake. This may come at a discounted price and must be done at the airport check-in counter.

  1. Proof of Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine continues to trigger mixed reactions among people around the globe many travelers have made the effort to have the jab. Most people who have been stuck for the better part of 2020, now long to travel for various reasons.

And as many people get vaccinated against the virus, major cruise lines are making it compulsory for passengers to show proof. As such, many countries around the globe are introducing vaccine passports that enable their citizens to access proof of vaccination for Coronavirus.

For instance, China’s proof of vaccination can be accessed on the digital platform via software on smart devices.  Other destinations are announcing plans for similar verification. As a precautionary measure, take the vaccine and obtain proof from your home country en route to Hong Kong.

If you’re fully vaccinated, international airlines consider you safe even when you’ve not been tested or quarantined. However, this may change depending on where you’ve been for the last couple of months.

It is advisable to update yourself with the most current news from your airline. This will keep you updated if a new requirement is added to the list of prerequisite booking documents.

Are there other vaccines needed for Hong Kong?

Apart from the Covid-19 vaccine, every passenger ought to show proof for World Health Organization recommended jabs for Hong Kong. The mandatory vaccinations include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, rabies, polio, meningitis, mumps, polio, rubella chickenpox, pneumonia, rubella, and shingles.

While boarding and lodging in Hong Kong be sure to sleep under a treated net and use repellent. This is because Hong Kong harbors the mosquito-borne virus that causes Japanese encephalitis and Chikunguya.

Do You Need A Visa to Visit Hong Kong?

If you have not visited this amazing tourist destination, this is for you. To enter Hong Kong, every foreigner needs a passport. However, a visa is not a mandatory document if you stay for less than 90 days. Additionally, you need a visa if you’ll go beyond Hong Kong to visit China’s mainland.

It is advisable to keep your return tickets, travel itinerary, passport, and proof of vaccination near you. Ensure there’s an empty page on your passport where the entry stamp will be put.

Closing Note

Hong Kong is a one-of-kind tourist destination. As the world tries to come to terms with the effects of Covid-19, traveling for various reasons is inevitable. While at it, observe the health security measures put in place to keep yourself and others safe. Wear your mask, sanitize, and maintain physical distance.  Book your flight with an airline trusted across the globe because they’re keen to give you service and security beyond the norm.

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