The Principal Advantages of Travel Insurance For The Netherlands

When people think of the Netherlands, they immediately picture enchanting tulip fields, windmills or, of course, the country’s most famous city – Amsterdam. Hence, buying a travel insurance policy to shield your savings is essential when planning your vacation there.

Travel insurance for the Netherlands will cover flight cancellations, trip delays or interruptions, hospitalisation, medical evacuations, and baggage protection. So if you face any emergencies during your trip, having a travel insurance policy will offer you a stress-free trip.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For The Netherlands?

There are several benefits to getting travel insurance when travelling to the Netherlands. While it is mandated that Indian travellers have valid travel insurance for the Netherlands from India, it is also hard to negate the benefits they present.

For one, you get comprehensive coverage for your trip that will cover a whole host of situations and emergencies. It will also ensure you have a relaxing trip and that the insurer handles all emergencies or interruptions smoothly.

So if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam or cities like Rotterdam, Eindhoven, or Den Haag (The Hague) in the Netherlands, travel insurance for the Netherlands is essential. Buying plans from reputed insurers like Tata AIG is always recommended to get the best value for your purchase.

[Note: Travel Insurance is mandatory for all Schengen countries; this includes the Netherlands. You must also be vaccinated (and provide proof) and have a negative PCR Test no older than 48 hours from your departure date.]

The Benefits Of Getting Travel Insurance For Netherlands From India

Here is a closer look at some of the benefits of travel insurance for the Netherlands:

  • Trip Interruption, Delay and Cancellation Coverage

Having to cancel a vacation you have been looking forward to can be devastating, but these things can happen. So having a travel insurance policy that offers reimbursements for trip cancellations is crucial. Hotel fees, plane tickets, and fees paid for pre-booking activities are not cheap. So if you have to cancel your trip and don’t have travel insurance, it can result in a huge loss.

Remember, not all insurance plans are made equal, and only some offer built-in covers for trip interruptions, delays and cancellations. Therefore, it is always best to check with your insurance provider about these features before you move forward with your purchase.

Choosing the correct type of travel insurance with these covers is also essential. For that, you need to have travel insurance compared with one another to ensure you get the right coverage and the best benefits.

  • Covid-19 Coverage

After 2020 most travel insurance agencies have begun offering Covid-19 coverage in their international travel insurance plans, whether as an add-on or built-in cover. Travel insurance policies that provide this coverage will cover hospital bills, Covid medication, lab work and any other treatments and related expenses covered under the policy’s terms.

Another thing to remember regarding Covid-19 regulations is that most airlines have strict requirements on the type of Covid Tests they accept. If you take the wrong type of test and need to delay or cancel your trip, some travel insurance plans may not cover you.

Suppose you get a positive test before you depart. In that case, as long as your plan covers Covid-19 cancellation coverage, you will be reimbursed for your loss. Always ask your insurer for all the details regarding your travel insurance coverage related to Covid-19. This can include medical expenses, trip cancellations, appropriate test results, quarantine procedures, etc.

  • Baggage Protection

If your luggage is lost or delayed on your way to the Netherlands, your travel insurance coverage can reimburse you for your belongings. Suppose you have a consecutive trip planned for another country right after visiting the Netherlands, and your luggage still doesn’t show up. Your travel insurance policy will cover that as well.

Furthermore, your baggage protection will also provide coverage in case of theft. The Netherlands attracts huge crowds during peak seasons, leaving you vulnerable to pickpockets.

So in case you lose your passport or personal belongings, be sure to file a report with the local authorities and the hotel manager first. When filing a claim, you will need these documents to present to your insurer.

  • Medical Assistance And Emergency Evacuation Assistance

Regardless of whether travel insurance is mandated, accidents can still happen. Moreover, hospital bills in the Netherlands are not cheap by a long shot. The best way to shield your savings would be to get comprehensive travel insurance for the Netherlands from India.

If you fall ill or get injured, you have the financial backing to support you. In case of more serious injuries where you need to be rushed to a hospital for immediate medical care or surgery, a medical evacuation cover will give you additional coverage.

There are also repatriation covers to recover mortal remains to send back to your home country in the unfortunate event of death.


These are some key benefits of getting the best travel insurance in India for the Netherlands. As you can see, a travel insurance policy can cover many possibilities and provide adequate coverage for almost any situation.

When purchasing travel insurance for the Netherlands from India, ensure you buy from a reputed provider like Tata AIG. Always consult with the insurer on the terms and exclusions under your policy.

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